July 10

Psalms 110:1 — 116:19

Of David. A melody.

110 The utterance of Jehovah to my Lord is:

      “Sit at my right hand

      Until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.”

 2 The rod of your strength Jehovah will send out of Zion, [saying:]

       “Go subduing in the midst of your enemies.”

 3 Your people will offer themselves willingly on the day of your military force.

      In the splendors of holiness, from the womb of the dawn,

      You have your company of young men just like dewdrops.

 4 Jehovah has sworn (and he will feel no regret):

       “You are a priest to time indefinite

      According to the manner of Melchizedek!”

 5 Jehovah himself at your right hand

      Will certainly break kings to pieces on the day of his anger.

 6 He will execute judgment among the nations;

      He will cause a fullness of dead bodies.

      He will certainly break to pieces the head one over a populous land.

 7 From the torrent valley in the way he will drink.

      That is why he will raise high [his] head.

111 Praise Jah, YOU people!
א [ʼAleph]

    I shall laud Jehovah with all [my] heart
ב [Behth]

      In the intimate group of upright ones and the assembly.
ג [Gimel]

 2 The works of Jehovah are great,
ד [Daleth]

      Searched for on the part of all those delighting in them.
ה [Heʼ]

 3 His activity is dignity and splendor themselves,
ו [Waw]

      And his righteousness is standing forever.
ז [Zayin]

 4 A memorial he has made for his wonderful works.
                        ח [Chehth]

      Jehovah is gracious and merciful.
ט [Tehth]

 5 Food he has given to those fearing him.
י [Yohdh]

      To time indefinite he will remember his covenant.
כ [Kaph]

 6 The power of his works he has told to his people,
ל [Lamedh]

      In giving them the inheritance of the nations.
מ [Mem]

 7 The works of his hands are truth and judgment;
נ [Nun]

      Trustworthy are all the orders he gives,
ס [Samekh]

 8 Well supported forever, to time indefinite,
ע [ʽAyin]

      Done in truth and uprightness.
פ [Peʼ]

 9 He has sent redemption itself to his people.
צ [Tsadheh]

      To time indefinite he has commanded his covenant.
ק [Qohph]

      His name is holy and fear-inspiring.
ר [Rehsh]

10 The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom.
ש [Sin]

       All those doing them have a good insight.
ת [Taw]

       His praise is standing forever.


112 Praise Jah, YOU people!
א [ʼAleph]

      Happy is the man in fear of Jehovah,
ב [Behth]

      In whose commandments he has taken very much delight.
 ג [Gimel]

 2 Mighty in the earth his offspring will become.
ד [Daleth]

      As for the generation of the upright ones, it will be blessed.
ה [Heʼ]

 3 Valuable things and riches are in his house;
ו [Waw]

      And his righteousness is standing forever.
ז [Zayin]

 4 He has flashed up in the darkness as a light to the upright ones.
ח [Chehth]

      He is gracious and merciful and righteous.
ט [Tehth]

 5 The man is good who is gracious and is lending.
י [Yohdh]

      He sustains his affairs with justice.
כ [Kaph]

 6 For at no time will he be made to totter.
ל [Lamedh]

      The righteous one will prove to be for remembrance to time indefinite.
מ [Mem]

 7 He will not be afraid even of bad news.
נ [Nun]

      His heart is steadfast, made reliant upon Jehovah.
ס [Samekh]

 8 His heart is unshakable; he will not be afraid,
ע [ʽAyin]

      Until he looks on his adversaries.
פ [Peʼ]

 9 He has distributed widely; he has given to the poor ones.
צ [Tsadheh]

      His righteousness is standing forever.
ק [Qohph]

      His own horn will be exalted with glory.
ר [Rehsh]

10 The wicked one himself will see and certainly become vexed.
ש [Shin]

       He will grind his very teeth and actually melt away.
ת [Taw]
 The desire of the wicked ones will perish.

113 Praise Jah, YOU people!

      Offer praise, O YOU servants of Jehovah,

      Praise the name of Jehovah.

 2 May Jehovah’s name become blessed

      From now on and to time indefinite.

 3 From the rising of the sun until its setting

      Jehovah’s name is to be praised.

 4 Jehovah has become high above all the nations;

      His glory is above the heavens.

 5 Who is like Jehovah our God,

      Him who is making his dwelling on high?

 6 He is condescending to look on heaven and earth,

 7 Raising up the lowly one from the very dust;

      He exalts the poor one from the ashpit itself,

 8 To make [him] sit with nobles,

      With the nobles of his people.

 9 He is causing the barren woman to dwell in a house

      As a joyful mother of sons.

      Praise Jah, YOU people!


114 When Israel went forth from Egypt,

      The house of Jacob from a people speaking unintelligibly,

 2 Judah became his holy place,

      Israel his grand dominion.

 3 The sea itself saw and took to flight;

      As for the Jordan, it began to turn back.

 4 The mountains themselves skipped about like rams,

      The hills like lambs.

 5 What was the matter with you, O sea, that you took to flight,

      O Jordan, that you began to turn back?

 6 O mountains, that YOU went skipping about like rams;

      O hills, like lambs?

 7 Because of the Lord be in severe pains, O earth,

      Because of the God of Jacob,

 8 Who is changing the rock into a reedy pool of water,

      A flinty rock into a spring of water.


115 To us belongs nothing, O Jehovah, to us belongs nothing,

      But to your name give glory

      According to your loving-kindness, according to your trueness.

 2 Why should the nations say:

       “Where, now, is their God?”

 3 But our God is in the heavens;

      Everything that he delighted [to do] he has done.

 4 Their idols are silver and gold,

      The work of the hands of earthling man.

 5 A mouth they have, but they cannot speak;

      Eyes they have, but they cannot see;

 6 Ears they have, but they cannot hear.

      A nose they have, but they cannot smell.

 7 Hands are theirs, but they cannot feel.

      Feet are theirs, but they cannot walk;

      They utter no sound with their throat.

 8 Those making them will become just like them,

      All those who are trusting in them.

 9 O Israel, trust in Jehovah;

      He is their help and their shield.

10 O house of Aaron, put YOUR trust in Jehovah;

       He is their help and their shield.

11 YOU that fear Jehovah, trust in Jehovah;

       He is their help and their shield.

12 Jehovah himself has remembered us; he will bless,

       He will bless the house of Israel,

       He will bless the house of Aaron.

13 He will bless those fearing Jehovah,

       The small ones as well as the great ones.

14 Jehovah will give increase to YOU,

       To YOU and to YOUR sons.

15 YOU are the ones blessed by Jehovah,

       The Maker of heaven and earth.

16 As regards the heavens, to Jehovah the heavens belong,

       But the earth he has given to the sons of men.

17 The dead themselves do not praise Jah,

       Nor do any going down into silence.

18 But we ourselves will bless Jah

       From now on and to time indefinite.

       Praise Jah, YOU people!


116 I do love, because Jehovah hears

      My voice, my entreaties.

 2 For he has inclined his ear to me,

      And throughout my days I shall call.

 3 The ropes of death encircled me

      And the distressing circumstances of Sheol themselves found me.

      Distress and grief I kept finding.

 4 But upon the name of Jehovah I proceeded to call:

       “Ah, Jehovah, do provide my soul with escape!”

 5 Jehovah is gracious and righteous;

      And our God is One showing mercy.

 6 Jehovah is guarding the inexperienced ones.

      I was impoverished, and he proceeded to save even me.

 7 Return to your resting-place, O my soul,

      For Jehovah himself has acted appropriately toward you.

 8 For you have rescued my soul from death,

      My eye from tears, my foot from stumbling.

 9 I will walk before Jehovah in the lands of those living.

10 I had faith, for I proceeded to speak.

       I myself was very much afflicted.

11 I, for my part, said, when I became panicky:

       “Every man is a liar.”

12 What shall I repay to Jehovah

       For all his benefits to me?

13 The cup of grand salvation I shall take up,

       And on the name of Jehovah I shall call.

14 My vows I shall pay to Jehovah,

       Yes, in front of all his people.

15 Precious in the eyes of Jehovah

       Is the death of his loyal ones.

16 Ah, now, O Jehovah,

       For I am your servant.

       I am your servant, the son of your slave girl.

       You have loosened my bands.

17 To you I shall offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving,

       And on the name of Jehovah I shall call.

18 My vows I shall pay to Jehovah,

       Yes, in front of all his people,

19 In the courtyards of the house of Jehovah,

       In the midst of you, O Jerusalem.

       Praise Jah, YOU people!