June 19

Psalms 9:1 — 16:11

To the director upon Muth-labben. A melody of David.

א [ʼAleph]

9 I will laud [you], O Jehovah, with all my heart;

    I will declare all your wonderful works.

 2 I will rejoice and exult in you,

      I will make melody to your name, O Most High.

ב [Behth]

 3 When my enemies turn back,

      They will stumble and perish from before you.

 4 For you have executed my judgment and my cause;

      You have sat on the throne judging with righteousness.

ג [Gimel]

 5 You have rebuked nations, you have destroyed the wicked one.

      Their name you have wiped out to time indefinite, even forever.

 6 O you enemy, [your] desolations have come to their perpetual finish,

      And the cities that you have uprooted.

      The very mention of them will certainly perish.

ה [Heʼ]

 7 As for Jehovah, he will sit to time indefinite,

      Firmly establishing his throne for judgment itself.

 8 And he himself will judge the productive land in righteousness;

      He will judicially try national groups in uprightness.

ו [Waw]

 9 And Jehovah will become a secure height for anyone crushed,

      A secure height in times of distress.

10 And those knowing your name will trust in you,

       For you will certainly not leave those looking for you, O Jehovah.

ז [Zayin]

11 Make melody, YOU people, to Jehovah, who is dwelling in Zion;

       Tell among the peoples his deeds.

12 For, when looking for bloodshed, he will certainly remember those very ones;

       He is sure not to forget the outcry of the afflicted ones.

ח [Chehth]

13 Show me favor, O Jehovah; see my affliction by those hating me,

       O you who are lifting me up from the gates of death,

14 In order that I may declare all your praiseworthy deeds

       In the gates of the daughter of Zion,

       That I may be joyful in your salvation.

ט [Tehth]

15 The nations have sunk down into the pit that they have made;

       In the net that they hid, their own foot has been caught.

16 Jehovah is known by the judgment that he has executed.

       By the activity of his own hands the wicked one has been ensnared.

       Higgaion. Selah.

י [Yohdh]

17 Wicked people will turn back to Sheol,

       Even all the nations forgetting God.

18 For not always will the poor one be forgotten,

       Nor will the hope of the meek ones ever perish.

כ [Kaph]

19 Do arise, O Jehovah! Let not mortal man prove superior in strength.

       Let the nations be judged before your face.

20 Do put fear into them, O Jehovah,

       That the nations may know that they are but mortal men. Selah.

ל [Lamedh]

10 Why, O Jehovah, do you keep standing afar off?

    [Why] do you keep yourself hid in times of distress?

 2 In his haughtiness the wicked one hotly pursues the afflicted one;

      They get caught by the ideas that they have thought up.

 3 For the wicked has praised himself over the selfish longing of his soul,

      And the one making undue profit has blessed himself;

נ [Nun]

      He has disrespected Jehovah.

 4 The wicked one according to his superciliousness makes no search;

      All his ideas are: “There is no God.”

 5 His ways keep prospering all the time.

      Your judicial decisions are high up out of his range;

      As for all those showing hostility to him, he puffs at them.

 6 He has said in his heart: “I shall not be made to totter;

      For generation after generation [I shall be] one who is in no calamity.”

פ [Peʼ]

 7 His mouth is full of oaths and of deceptions and of oppression.

      Under his tongue are trouble and what is hurtful.

 8 He sits in an ambush of settlements;

      From concealed places he will kill someone innocent.

ע [ʽAyin]

      His eyes are on the lookout for someone unfortunate.

 9 He keeps lying in wait in the concealed place like a lion in his covert.

      He keeps lying in wait to carry off some afflicted one by force.

      He carries off the afflicted one by force when he draws his net shut.

10 He is crushed, he bows down,

       And the army of dejected ones has to fall into his strong [claws].

11 He has said in his heart: “God has forgotten.

       He has concealed his face.

       He will certainly never see [it].”

ק [Qohph]

12 Do arise, O Jehovah. O God, lift up your hand.

       Do not forget the afflicted ones.

13 Why is it that the wicked one has disrespected God?

       He has said in his heart: “You will not require an accounting.”

ר [Rehsh]

14 For you yourself have seen trouble and vexation.

       You keep looking on, to get [them] into your hand.

       To you the unfortunate one, the fatherless boy, commits [himself].

       You yourself have become [his] helper.

ש [Shin]

15 Break the arm of the wicked and bad one.

       May you search after his wickedness [until] you find no more.

16 Jehovah is King to time indefinite, even forever.

       The nations have perished out of his earth.

ת [Taw]

17 The desire of the meek ones you will certainly hear, O Jehovah.

       You will prepare their heart.

       You will pay attention with your ear,

18 To judge the fatherless boy and the crushed one,

       That mortal man who is of the earth may no more cause trembling.

To the director. Of David.

11 In Jehovah I have taken refuge.

    How dare YOU men say to my soul:

       “Flee as a bird to YOUR mountain!”

 2 For, look! the wicked ones themselves bend the bow,

      They do make ready their arrow upon the bowstring,

      To shoot in the gloom at the ones upright in heart.

 3 When the foundations themselves are torn down,

      What must anyone righteous do?

 4 Jehovah is in his holy temple.

      Jehovah—in the heavens is his throne.

      His own eyes behold, his own beaming eyes examine the sons of men.

 5 Jehovah himself examines the righteous one as well as the wicked one,

      And anyone loving violence His soul certainly hates.

 6 He will rain down upon the wicked ones traps, fire and sulphur

      And a scorching wind, as the portion of their cup.

 7 For Jehovah is righteous; he does love righteous acts.

      The upright are the ones that will behold his face.

 To the director on the lower octave. A melody of David.

12 Do save [me], O Jehovah, for the loyal one has come to an end;

    For faithful people have vanished from the sons of men.

 2 Untruth they keep speaking one to the other;

      With a smooth lip they keep speaking even with a double heart.

 3 Jehovah will cut off all smooth lips,

      The tongue speaking great things,

 4 Those who have said: “With our tongue we shall prevail.

      Our lips are with us. Who will be a master to us?”

 5 “Because of the despoiling of the afflicted ones, because of the sighing of the poor ones,

      I shall at this time arise,” says Jehovah.

       “I shall put [him] in safety from anyone that puffs at him.”

 6 The sayings of Jehovah are pure sayings,

      As silver refined in a smelting furnace of earth, clarified seven times.

 7 You yourself, O Jehovah, will guard them;

      You will preserve each one from this generation to time indefinite.

 8 The wicked ones walk all around,

      Because vileness is exalted among the sons of men.

To the director. A melody of David.

13 How long, O Jehovah, will you forget me? Forever?

    How long will you conceal your face from me?

 2 How long shall I set resistance in my soul,

      Grief in my heart by day?

      How long will my enemy be exalted over me?

 3 Do look [upon me]; answer me, O Jehovah my God.

      Do make my eyes shine, that I may not fall asleep in death,

 4 That my enemy may not say: “I have won out over him!”

       [That] my adversaries themselves may [not] be joyful because I am made to stagger.

 5 As for me, in your loving-kindness I have trusted;

      Let my heart be joyful in your salvation.

 6 I will sing to Jehovah, for he has dealt rewardingly with me.

To the director. Of David.

14 The senseless one has said in his heart:

          “There is no Jehovah.”

      They have acted ruinously, they have acted detestably in [their] dealing.

      There is no one doing good.

 2 As for Jehovah, he has looked down from heaven itself upon the sons of men,

      To see whether there exists anyone having insight, anyone seeking Jehovah.

 3 They have all turned aside, they are [all] alike corrupt;

      There is no one doing good,

      Not even one.

 4 Have none of the practicers of what is hurtful got knowledge,

      Eating up my people as they have eaten bread?

      They have not called even upon Jehovah.

 5 There they were filled with a great dread,

      For Jehovah is among the generation of the righteous one.

 6 The counsel of the afflicted one YOU people would put to shame,

      Because Jehovah is his refuge.

 7 O that out of Zion there were the salvation of Israel!

      When Jehovah gathers back the captive ones of his people,

      Let Jacob be joyful, let Israel rejoice.

A melody of David.

15 O Jehovah, who will be a guest in your tent?

    Who will reside in your holy mountain?

 2 He who is walking faultlessly and practicing righteousness

      And speaking the truth in his heart.

 3 He has not slandered with his tongue.

      To his companion he has done nothing bad,

      And no reproach has he taken up against his intimate acquaintance.

 4 In his eyes anyone contemptible is certainly rejected,

      But those fearing Jehovah he honors.

      He has sworn to what is bad [for himself], and yet he does not alter.

 5 His money he has not given out on interest,

      And a bribe against the innocent one he has not taken.

      He that is doing these things will never be made to totter.

A miktam of David.

16 Keep me, O God, for I have taken refuge in you.
2 I have said to Jehovah: “You are Jehovah; my goodness is, not for your sake,

 3 [But] to the holy ones that are in the earth.

      They, even the majestic ones, are the ones in whom is all my delight.”

 4 Pains become many to those [who], when there is someone else, do hurry [after him].

      I shall not pour out their drink offerings of blood,

      And I shall not carry their names upon my lips.

 5 Jehovah is the portion of my allotted share and of my cup.

      You are holding fast my lot.

 6 The measuring lines themselves have fallen for me in pleasant places.

      Really, [my own] possession has proved agreeable to me.

 7 I shall bless Jehovah, who has given me advice.

      Really, during the nights my kidneys have corrected me.

 8 I have placed Jehovah in front of me constantly.

      Because [he] is at my right hand, I shall not be made to totter.

 9 Therefore my heart does rejoice, and my glory is inclined to be joyful.

      Also, my own flesh will reside in security.

10 For you will not leave my soul in Sheol.

      You will not allow your loyal one to see the pit.

11 You will cause me to know the path of life.

      Rejoicing to satisfaction is with your face;

      There is pleasantness at your right hand forever.