June 21

Psalms 20:1 — 25:22

To the director. A melody of David.

20 May Jehovah answer you in the day of distress.

    May the name of the God of Jacob protect you.

 2 May he send your help out of the holy place,

      And sustain you out of Zion itself.

 3 May he remember all your gift offerings,

      And may he accept your burnt offering as being fat. Selah.

 4 May he give to you according to your heart,

      And all your counsel may he fulfill.

 5 We will cry out joyfully because of your salvation,

      And in the name of our God we shall lift our banners.

      May Jehovah fulfill all your requests.

 6 Now I do know that Jehovah certainly saves his anointed one.

      He answers him from his holy heavens

      With the saving mighty acts of his right hand.

 7 Some concerning chariots and others concerning horses,

      But, as for us, concerning the name of Jehovah our God we shall make mention.

 8 Those very ones have broken down and fallen;

      But as for us, we have risen up, that we may be restored.

 9 O Jehovah, do save the king!

      He will answer us in the day that we call.

To the director. A melody of David.

21 O Jehovah, in your strength the king rejoices;

    And in your salvation how very joyful he wants to be!

 2 The desire of his heart you have given him,

      And the wish of his lips you have not withheld. Selah.

 3 For you proceeded to meet him with blessings of good,

       [And] to place on his head a crown of refined gold.

 4 Life he asked of you. You gave [it] to him,

      Length of days to time indefinite, even forever.

 5 His glory is great in your salvation.

      Dignity and splendor you put upon him.

 6 For you constitute him highly blessed forever;

      You make him feel glad with the rejoicing at your face.

 7 For the king is trusting in Jehovah,

      Even in the loving-kindness of the Most High. He will not be caused to totter.

 8 Your hand will find all your enemies;

      Your own right hand will find those hating you.

 9 You will constitute them as a fiery furnace at the appointed time for your attention.

      Jehovah in his anger will swallow them up, and the fire will devour them.

10 Their fruitage you will destroy from the very earth,

       And their offspring from the sons of men.

11 For they have directed against you what is bad;

       They have thought out ideas that they are unable to carry out.

12 For you will make them turn their backs in flight

       By your bowstrings that you make ready against their face.

13 O be exalted in your strength, O Jehovah.

       We will sing and make melody to your mightiness.

To the director upon the Hind of the Dawn. A melody of David.

22 My God, my God, why have you left me?

    [Why are you] far from saving me,

       [From] the words of my roaring?

 2 O my God, I keep calling by day, and you do not answer;

      And by night, and there is no silence on my part.

 3 But you are holy,

      Inhabiting the praises of Israel.

 4 In you our fathers trusted;

      They trusted, and you kept providing them with escape.

 5 To you they cried out, and they got away safe;

      In you they trusted, and they did not come to shame.

 6 But I am a worm, and not a man,

      A reproach to men and despicable to the people.

 7 As for all those seeing me, they hold me in derision;

      They keep opening their mouths wide, they keep wagging [their] head:

 8 “He committed himself to Jehovah. Let Him provide him with escape!

      Let him deliver him, since he has taken delight in him!”

 9 For you were the One drawing me forth from the belly,

      The One making me trust while upon the breasts of my mother.

10 Upon you I have been thrown from the womb;

       From the belly of my mother you have been my God.

11 Do not keep far off from me, because distress is nearby,

       Because there is no other helper.

12 Many young bulls have surrounded me;

       The powerful ones of Bashan themselves have got around me.

13 They have opened against me their mouth,

       As a lion tearing in pieces and roaring.

14 Like water I have been poured out,

       And all my bones have been separated from one another.

       My heart has become like wax;

       It has melted deep in my inward parts.

15 My power has dried up just like a fragment of earthenware,

       And my tongue is made to stick to my gums;

       And in the dust of death you are setting me.

16 For dogs have surrounded me;

       The assembly of evildoers themselves have enclosed me.

       Like a lion [they are at] my hands and my feet.

17 I can count all my bones.

       They themselves look, they gaze upon me.

18 They apportion my garments among themselves,

       And upon my clothing they cast lots.

19 But you, O Jehovah, O do not keep far off.

       O you my strength, do make haste to my assistance.

20 Do deliver from the sword my soul,

       My only one from the very paw of the dog;

21 Save me from the mouth of the lion,

       And from the horns of wild bulls you must answer [and save] me.

22 I will declare your name to my brothers;

       In the middle of the congregation I shall praise you.

23 YOU fearers of Jehovah, praise him!

       All YOU the seed of Jacob, glorify him!

       And be frightened at him, all YOU the seed of Israel.

24 For he has neither despised

       Nor loathed the affliction of the afflicted one;

       And he has not concealed his face from him,

       And when he cried to him for help he heard.

25 From you my praise will be in the large congregation;

       My vows I shall pay in front of those fearing him.

26 The meek ones will eat and be satisfied;

       Those seeking him will praise Jehovah.

       May YOUR hearts live forever.

27 All the ends of the earth will remember and turn back to Jehovah.

       And all the families of the nations will bow down before you.

28 For the kingship belongs to Jehovah,

       And he is dominating the nations.

29 All the fat ones of the earth shall eat and will bow down;

       Before him all those going down to the dust will bend down,

       And no one will ever preserve his own soul alive.

30 A seed itself will serve him;

       It will be declared concerning Jehovah to the generation.

31 They will come and tell of his righteousness

       To the people that is to be born, that he has done [this].

A melody of David.

23 Jehovah is my Shepherd.

    I shall lack nothing.

 2 In grassy pastures he makes me lie down;

      By well-watered resting-places he conducts me.

 3 My soul he refreshes.

      He leads me in the tracks of righteousness for his name’s sake.

 4 Even though I walk in the valley of deep shadow,

      I fear nothing bad,

      For you are with me;

      Your rod and your staff are the things that comfort me.

 5 You arrange before me a table in front of those showing hostility to me.

      With oil you have greased my head;

      My cup is well filled.

 6 Surely goodness and loving-kindness themselves will pursue me all the days of my life;

      And I will dwell in the house of Jehovah to the length of days.

Of David. A melody.

24 To Jehovah belong the earth and that which fills it,

    The productive land and those dwelling in it.

 2 For upon the seas he himself has solidly fixed it,

      And upon the rivers he keeps it firmly established.

 3 Who may ascend into the mountain of Jehovah,

      And who may rise up in his holy place?

 4 Anyone innocent in his hands and clean in heart,

      Who has not carried My soul to sheer worthlessness,

      Nor taken an oath deceitfully.

 5 He will carry away blessing from Jehovah

      And righteousness from his God of salvation.

 6 This is the generation of those seeking him,

      Of those searching for your face, O [God of] Jacob. Selah.

 7 Raise YOUR heads, O YOU gates,

      And raise yourselves up, O YOU long-lasting entrances,

      That the glorious King may come in!

 8 Who, then, is this glorious King?

      Jehovah strong and mighty,

      Jehovah mighty in battle.

 9 Raise YOUR heads, O YOU gates;

      Yes, raise [them] up, O YOU long-lasting entrances,

      That the glorious King may come in!

10 Who, then, is he, this glorious King?

       Jehovah of armies—he is the glorious King. Selah.

Of David.

א [ʼAleph]

25 To you, O Jehovah, I raise my very soul.

ב [Behth]

 2 O my God, in you have I put my trust;

      O may I not be ashamed.

      May my enemies not exult over me.

ג [Gimel]

 3 Also, none of those hoping in you will be ashamed.

      They will be ashamed who are dealing treacherously without success.

ד [Daleth]

 4 Make me know your own ways, O Jehovah;

      Teach me your own paths.

ה [Heʼ]

 5 Make me walk in your truth and teach me,

      For you are my God of salvation.

ו [Waw]

      In you I have hoped all day long.

ז [Zayin]

 6 Remember your mercies, O Jehovah, and your loving-kindnesses,

      For they are from time indefinite.

ח [Chehth]

 7 The sins of my youth and my revolts O do not remember.

      According to your loving-kindness do you yourself remember me,

      For the sake of your goodness, O Jehovah.

ט [Tehth]

 8 Good and upright is Jehovah.

      That is why he instructs sinners in the way.

י [Yohdh]

 9 He will cause the meek ones to walk in [his] judicial decision,

      And he will teach the meek ones his way.

כ [Kaph]

10 All the paths of Jehovah are loving-kindness and trueness

       For those observing his covenant and his reminders.

ל [Lamedh]

11 For your name’s sake, O Jehovah,

       You must even forgive my error, for it is considerable.

מ [Mem]

12 Who, now, is the man fearful of Jehovah?

       He will instruct him in the way [that] he will choose.

נ [Nun]

13 His own soul will lodge in goodness itself,

       And his own offspring will take possession of the earth.

ס [Samekh]

14 The intimacy with Jehovah belongs to those fearful of him,

       Also his covenant, to cause them to know it.

ע [ʽAyin]

15 My eyes are constantly toward Jehovah,

       For he it is that brings my feet out of the net.

פ [Peʼ]

16 Turn your face to me, and show me favor;

       For I am solitary and afflicted.

צ [Tsadheh]

17 Distresses of my heart have multiplied;

       From the stresses upon me O bring me out.

ר [Rehsh]

18 See my affliction and my trouble,

       And pardon all my sins.

19 See how many my enemies have become,

       And with a violent hatred they have hated me.

ש [Shin]

20 Do guard my soul and deliver me.

       May I not be ashamed, for I have taken refuge in you.

ת [Taw]

21 Let integrity and uprightness themselves safeguard me,

       For I have hoped in you.

22 O God, redeem Israel out of all his distresses.