Helpful Hints

Click on The New World Translation Link to access
the Watchtower Online Bibles.

1. Chapters: Click on any of the numbers to quickly
    move to that chapter.

2. Bible icon:
If you wish to open a different Bible Book,
    click on the Bible icon to return to the Main Page.

3. Asterisk:
Click to open related Footnote.
     Plus sign:
Click + to open additional related scriptures.
4. Blue Square:
This will take you to the related topic
    discussed on My Study Bible page.

Clicking on the small open Bible icon (found before every chapter)
will take you back to the top of the page, perhaps to quickly
choose a different chapter number, or to go to another Bible book
by clicking on the large Bible.

Clicking the name of any of the Kings will take you to the Wikipedia
page for further information regarding that king.